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5 Top-Rated Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo JW Web Magazine.
Book your seat at Umi here! Sushi Saito has often been called as the best Sushi restaurant in Japan. It has been rewarded with 3-stars by Michelin for 5 years and has the highest rate on Japanese gourmet website Tabelog.
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Found within the busy Tsukiji fish market, Tsukiji Sushisay Honten is in the perfect position to get the best of the fresh catch. The clientele tends to be local and prices are reasonable. There are two floors, the first where seating is limited to counters and the second where there are a few tables to sit. A great stop-off after visiting the fish market. Tsukiji Sushisay Honten, 4-13-9 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan, 81 3-3541-7720. Tsukiji Fish Market Greg Palmer/Flickr. Having earned three stars from Michelin, sushi chef Masahiro Yoshitake has put his sushi restaurant, Sushi Yoshitake, on the map.
20 Best Sushi in Tokyo Recommended by a Japanese Hub Japan.
Kimura is located in a quiet residential area in Setagaya. Its far from the sushi hotspot Ginza, but definitely within the company of the best sushi places in Tokyo. Address: 3-21-8 Tamagawa Setagaya Tokyo. Price: 15000, 19999., Website: http// Japanese only. Sushi fine dining at Ichiyanagi. Formerly known as Sushi Mao located at Hotel Seiyo, Ichiyanagi is a consistent favorite among Tokyos sushi dining crowd. They serve various exotic fish but at the same time, they are always reliable when it comes tuna. Whether its Toro regular fatty belly, Chutoro medium fatty belly, or Otoro supreme fatty belly, if tuna is what you really want, this restaurant will truly satisfy your craving. Address: 1F Ginza Kosumion Building, 1-5-14 Ginza Chuo Tokyo. Price: 20000, 29999., Website: http// Japanese only. Daisan Harumi Sushi. Ikura at Daisan Harumi Sushi. With over 50 years of experience, Daisan Harumi Sushis Chef Kazuo Nagayama is a well-known authority in sushi in Japan.
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They just remodeled the place, and the son now runs the omakase. This is one of those cases where the son apprenticed at a three Michelin star restaurant, then came back to his place and made it his own. Both him and his father are focusing on and refining their craft every single day, and thats why I respect this place greatly. The owner is considered the top sushi chef in Japan, probably the world, and he has gone on to train the chefs behind some of the best sushi restaurants, like Sushi Sho in Hawaii.
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Teruya Iida moved to New York as a high-school student and started his training at a sushi restaurant in Manhattan, making him one of the few high-end sushi chefs in Tokyo who speaks English fluently. After returning to Japan, he opened his own restaurant.
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One of the best sushi place in Tokyo! Katsu Midori Seibu Shibuya Shibuya. 28 of 4066, Results. Delicious sushi train 11/20/2017. size fish on nigiri, the right cut 08/01/2017. 29 of 4066, Results. Japanese Sushi Asian Seafood. Excellent sushi in a great atmosphere 09/14/2016. Good restaurant for tuna lover.
The Best Sushi Shops in Tokyo.
While Ono-san is a living legend in the world of sushi, its widely agreed upon by sushi connoisseurs today that there are better places in Tokyo to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime sushi meal. Even though Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe saw fit to treat US President Barack Obama to lunch here, its important to note that despite its 3 Michelin stars and popularity in the western media among Japanese diners, Jiros shop does not usually rank at the top in rankings of Tokyos best sushi restaurants. See the top sushi shops as chosen by users of Tabelog, a popular restaurant rating website in Japan.
20 Premium Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo Honored by the World Top Gourmands tsunagu Japan.
20 Premium Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo Honored by the World Top Gourmands. Dec 03 2015. about the author. Book your Hotel. 20 Premium Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo Honored by the World Top Gourmands. 2016 Tsunagu Japan, All rights reserved. Weather API by Craid Yuka Natsumi.
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Sushi Saito is another stripped down sushi-ya, hard to reserve and even harder to locate inside a multi-level parking lot in Akasaka. Hailed by Joël Robuchon and a whole smattering of other very reliable voices as the best sushi restaurant in the world, Sushi Saito has a lower price point than other restaurants in its class but it'll' still take a few months to make a reservation due to its seven-seat capacity.

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